Little Nation Bento Box Review

"Life changing, single handedly improved our kids diets and change the way we think about food" 10/10!


There's hardly a week that goes by where we don't talk about how fussy our children's eating habits are. Some kids will only eat vegemite sandwiches while others will only eat crackers. This was just like our kids until we purchased the Little Nation bento box. This kids bento box has helped to improve our children's diet, how does a lunch box do this i hear you ask? Well, simply by changing the way we think about lunches. Kids love variety and have highly sensitive taste buds. Our kids will never eat a whole carrot for lunch, however package it up in a Little Nation kids bento box and they will be seeing in the dark before you know it. Its all in the presentation!

This product review of the Little Nation Bento box is long overdue because I've been using them for quite a while now.

We believe they were great, and still do, but here's why we're continuing to use our Little Nation Bento box.

It is a Bento Style lunchbox which means I can pack a variety of healthy foods with plenty of colour and the children get the  to choose to exactly what they would like to consume at recess or lunch.

Easy to clean! There are only 2 components. The outside box and the interior case. They come apart for easy cleaning and are made from food safe materials.

It's leak proof! Thanks to the silicone lid, you are able to put yoghurt in 1 compartment and it won't flow into a different compartment - No matter how much the school bag has been tossed around.

They are BPA and Phtalates Free so nasties won't ever make their way into the food that you pack.