range rover style 1

“Highly recommended. Possibly the best toy on the market today.”

No parent  can resist wanting to be a child again. I guarantee you'll will wish you had one of these growing up. Unlike other toys, these electric cars will never be forgotten in the play room providing years of entertainment.

The Range Rover style Little Nation Kids Electric car is exactly that, a replica of a real Range Rover sport. When doing research for this article, I discovered that it is also available with official Range Rover decals for twice the price. Why you would want to spend over $200 more on a sticker that says Range rover is beyond me. That’s an expensive sticker!

This car is powered with a 12-volt battery that is big enough to allow the little ones hit top speeds of up to 5 mph. Controllable via remote control and also via the steering wheel and pedals for older kids. These Little Nation electric cars have completely functioning doors and the typical features you would expect in a real car to excite the imagination.

I loved the attention the car received down at the local park. Noone could believe the price tag once they saw the quality. We cant wait to have more great adventures with this beast. Just remember to charge the batteries every night otherwise you will have one disappointed child in the morning.