Little Nation Travel Luggage Review

“Tough, durable, amazing value, don’t look anywhere else for your childs travel luggage”


Many parents associate traveling with big tantrums and tears… but does it have to be like that? And will the ideal bag save the day from anxiety filled travel? Well…. maybe not but it might just give your child and family that extra bit of fun, convenience and comfort to make your travels easier.

In Summary: I have reviewed a comprehensive list of the best carry-on luggage for children and in my view the Little Nation Travel Luggage is the perfect carry on bag for children.

It is the best choice because:

  • Funky designs  that young children absolutely love
  • Lightweight
  • Big Enough to fit a lot of things, Small enough so the child can carry/wheel it around.
  • Affordable. The value for money is second to none.


Every child should own some travel luggage to feel proud of and to call their own.

For kids, owning some travel luggage is a huge part of the lead up and anticipation of the travels themselves. We want kids to take some responsibility for their own possessions. Long haul travel with kids isn’t always fun, however it doesn’t have to be a bad experience. Use this experience as a life lesson. Kids will take much more responsibility over their own possessions if they love what their things are in-and i can guarantee they’ll love this Little Nation travel case. Also, we all know that every kilo counts when boarding a flight. If you have purchased your child an airline ticket, it’s going to have a luggage allowance which you may utilize with this light weight option.


Final Tips:

  • Do not place any valuables or breakables into your childrens travel luggage
  • Explain to your child that they’ll have to care for their luggage the very same way as mom or dad cares for their luggage. Each member of the household has a some luggage to care for.
  • Little backpacks may be greater than wheeled for smaller kids. Check out the range of backpacks by Little Nation which are also fantastic.
  • Keep in mind though, that Physicians and physical therapists recommend that a child shouldn’t take a bag over 10 – 15 percent of their body​ weight-making a bag on wheels ideal.